Here we go (again)..

So here we are again.. I’m starting a blog on WordPress for the second time. The first blog wasn’t all that successful if I’m completely honest, I think I was 2 entries in before forgetting and getting bored. How do I know this time will be different? I don’t. I could be sat here with another portion of humble pie just a few months down the line writing yet another blog entry titled with the same 3 words as it  two predecessors, ‘Here we go’.

What’s changed? Not much, I’m still the same person. Living in Winchester is my life as is other things, namely going to college everyday, going out very occasionally and generally making observations about the way the world works. By this, I don’t mean I’m an astrophysicist or any other scientist for that matter (although I do spend 275 minutes a week being taught Physics – does that count?), I mean I quite like looking at how things are going and taking a view on it. Often disagreed by many, sometimes hated by many but I’m trying. I’d hope to exert some of these on this new blog, (Do I need to confirm they’re my own? Can’t see who else’s they’d be) Ahh.. forgotten what witty comment I was going to type here. That’s why you shouldn’t use brackets I guess.. Probably a reason I’m not taking any sort of essay subject at college. Can you imagine trying to write a 10,000 word essay but having to fight against yourself to remember what you were even going to finish a sentence with? Actually, as I do Maths and Physics maybe writing 10^4 would have been better than 10,000? If that thought comes back to me, I may edit this and let you know what it was (Is that even possible by the way?) There we are again.. New paragraph?

Also trying very hard to get to grips with the new Mac I’ve bought. If there are any petty spelling or grammar mistakes then it’s because of that. Had a PC all my life, now I’ve decided to switch. Still need to use it for website making though (how’s for a plug?) as Serif haven’t made a Mac version… Also, have been trying to get to grips with moving files from Toshiba to here.. Left my computer running all night trying to put them on the house server and it’s turned out to be as efficient as an iPhone on a flash website. Very happy with it though, neat piece of kit.

May leave it at that. What do you reckon this should be tagged as? Got to work out how to change font, colours, sizes etc… Keep checking this for possible future entries, had a few ideas in college today for possible blog posts so watch this space I guess.. or don’t. Your choice. Now to get back to transferring files; Here we go again…

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