14 hours, 26 minutes…

Been having an internal fight with myself today as I haven’t been able to sit down and crawl let alone power through Physics coursework. Draft is due tomorrow at 13:50 (Hence the title, accurate when I started typing – look at the time this is posted and see how long it takes me to write this, if today is anything to go by, hours..)

On paper, I should have got loads done. Sat up in Ashurst all day with a computer, I’ve come home (always good) and sat at my laptop for what has appeared to be near a whole evening and still only managed roughly 600 words more. Report should be 1500-2000 so not quite as bad as it sounds. In theory then, I only need another 1000 roughly which works out at about 68 words per hour (wph – A bit Physicsy?) Trouble is, like many people, I keep getting distracted. Literally just happened actually.. I went to swipe with 3 fingers on the trackpad to view the calculator bit when only a 2 finger swipe registered (This is the equivalent of pressing the ‘back’ button for all you non trackpad friendlies). WP thankfully saves a draft every few seconds so that was no problem but even so, this little episode triggered a quick YouTube sesh. KSI has a lot to answer for..

If you haven’t seen KSI, allow me to distract you for a moment (possibly a lot of moments in the future also) by adding this link..

Lost trail of thought now… It’ll come back in a moment. Already up to 240 words (more and more as I type..), why isn’t a Physics coursework draft this simple?? Am genuinely struggling to remember now. Desperately looking around the page for some clue as to what I was about to furiously type down.. Ah well. The world can probably live without it.

So tricky to work in Ashurst though (mainly due to considering the irony as the librarians walk up and down the aisles shouting about how much of a silent study floor it is), and at home to some extent. There’s always a cup of tea that could be made, an email/text that could be sent (hardly ever received though..) and here I am with probably only 14 hours 10 minutes left having to take some time out to remind myself I can write more than 10 wph without a look at something to take my mind off that also. I think this is why I could never do journalism. It would be a constant battle with myself, writing hundreds and hundreds of irrelevant articles to remind myself of why I took it up in the first place. That’s not why you do a job. Apply that theory to a surgeon say.. Would you be at all successful if you had to do countless pointless minor operations on people that wouldn’t need them just to remind yourself that you can do operations? Or indeed a banker that has to take on huge bonuses just to remind himself what money looks like.. Oh wait.

God I hate procrastination.

Excluding this bit, 506 words in 23 minutes.. 1320 wph

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