The time is now again..

Been a while (roughly 12 days)… Views aren’t something that my blog has had to deal with lately. My bad. Was actually wondering how long it was going to be until I would create a new account starting with a post titled ‘Here we go (again, again)..’ to mirror this. Also, the fact that I’m writing this and that the rest of Physics coursework is due tomorrow I’m saddened to say is no coincidence (hence the whole ‘The time is now again’ title.. see this if you’re not too sure what I’m on about).

One thing that’s been unusually on my mind this week has been Bieber (Right spelling? Got told off on Twitter once for spelling it wrong -.- Had some French ‘Belieber’ having a go at me). Yesterday, I read a brilliant article in the Independent attempting to solve all of the problems he has created for the world. Personally, I like many just think he’s scary. He has more Twitter followers than anyone else on the planet which in itself enables him to have an extraordinary amount of power. I’m too cynical of the human race to believe that anyone should have the power to influence so many people like that, least of all him. Recent Twitter escapades include driving ‘Beliebers’ to microwave Guinea Pigs and cut themselves and retweeting a seemingly positive tweet to him, leading to one of the biggest acts of cyber bullying that most people have ever seen.

There only seem to be 2 types of people with regard to Bieber – those who like him and those who don’t. At this point I was going to say that it would become clear which category I fell into but I think it’s probably fairly obvious to most of you already..

Whenever people make a bad comment, or say something about him the ‘Beliebers’ usual reaction is to point out how jealous that person apparently is of a man who can’t leave his own home, can’t go into a shopping centre without closing it and ultimately, can’t do what I did last night which was drive down to Sainsburys in my shared 54 plate Renault Clio, buy a Sandwich for £1.05 and sit in the car park eating it without the equivalent of half the armed forces surrounding him at all times making sure he doesn’t get into fights with the paperazzi. I’m not jealous of that, and if he’s a normal human as him and people have claimed, he probably doesn’t enjoy it 24/7 anyway.. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a car like his though (don’t know what it is, probably younger than a 54 plate though).

It struck me today as well that Waitrose haven’t replied to my letter.. To be honest, having written it I can’t say I blame them. It probably moved faster than Bieber out of his hotel in this video on its way to the bin in the Waitrose customer service office after being skim-read by a member of staff. I’m sure I’ll get over this one day and will probably write another letter at some point (people have suggested Stagecoach buses (a topic that actually affects people day in, day out)  but they haven’t done anything to even mildly annoy me recently.. probably will at some point, but it doesn’t feel right at the moment).

Think I’ll give Physics another go. When you’re writing long pieces of coursework like this, sometimes you have to Believe..

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