Facebook is officially {Insert word here}..

This post will probably be the most hypocritical thing you’ll read or see for a week. Chances are you found this by clicking a link that was cluttering up your Facebook newsfeed in presumably an attempt to get it to get lost. That doesn’t work. You end up looking into it more. If you didn’t get onto it through Facebook (I clutter up people’s Twitter feeds too) then ignore that bit. I’m not a hypocrite.

This is basically me having a go at Facebook. It’s something we all use but does anyone actually like it? I don’t. Exams are done now but how much time did we all spend scrolling aimlessly through Facebook clicking on an assortment of pages and photos you normally wouldn’t want to look at in an attempt to stop you watching useless reality TV shows (I’m linking my Lizard Lick blog to this but I don’t mean it’s useless.. Had a few mentions from Ron on Twitter after he read it the other day. Life=Made) let alone meaningful revision that may have some bearing on your future? Think of all that useless trivia you’ve absorbed from people you may have looked at once in school about 5 years ago in assembly. Stuff like them babbling on about how they’ve had a new haircut or been overcharged on a bus (or shamelessly plugging a wordpress blog with less views than the ‘Twilight’ movies in a gentlemen’s club). Your head has now spent precious revision time and wasted brain space on haircuts instead of implicit differentiation or volumes of revolution.

Another thing about Facebook is the pressure. You’ve got to have it. Imagine going into a classroom in a secondary school and finding a pupil without it. Your brain can’t hold onto the idea like a chef can’t hold a boiling hot pan of water (without a handle I guess – didn’t think that one through). Facebook has over 1.1 billion users so being a citizen of the world with Facebook actually makes you a minority. But if you say you haven’t got it, you’re the weird one (presumably due to the country we live in. I doubt it’s as popular in the Antarctic – there aren’t many people in the Antarctic though.. Didn’t think that through either).

My biggest problem with Facebook is that it tries to do everything. It’s trying to take over everyone’s lives. Recently, it added hashtags to the mix, leading to several uniformly hilarious statuses from people I knew for about a month 3 years ago with stuff like ‘#whyhasfacebookgothashtagsitsnottwitter’. I was in fits for days after reading some of those.. At that moment I was so glad I had Facebook. As well as hashtags though, also ripped off Twitter are verified profiles, sharing (the retweet equivalent) and the fact you can follow instead of subscribe to someone now. It’s trying to take all of Twitter’s 200 million active users (500 million people are registered, 300 million of those lost interest it would seem. Here’s a scary thought, roughly 10% of Twitter follow Bieber…). It’s not just Twitter –  you can now rent movies on Facebook. You can now read newspapers on Facebook. Presumably it was initally set up so lazy people wouldn’t have had to go into pubs, shops, cafes etc to meet friends, they could just add them on Facebook. Now, lazy people don’t even have to go to blockbuster to rent a movie – they can do it on Facebook. No more cycling to the newsagent for a newspaper – they can do it on Facebook. A bit of googling has just informed me that e-commerce has landed on Facebook’s doorstep. You can buy stuff… On Facebook.

Already mentioned this a bit here (more people read this than I was expecting actually – I had people in lessons asking me about it – more people learnt about those tragic Monday morning walks.. There’s Facebook for you!) but you can’t unfriend people. I’ll briefly go back to my friend and his ex. Long story short, she was sending him loads of hate after they broke up but apparently unfriending her wasn’t socially acceptable. So he had to lie down and take it basically. You wouldn’t have that anywhere else would you? If you went to the same bar for a drink each week and got stick from the same guy for the colour of your shoes would you not just stop going and find a different bar? (That or just knock him out of course- I can understand why that may not have been appropriate in my friend’s case..)

The other thing vaguely relationship related – One of my other friends was asked whether he was or wasn’t going out with a girl last year. The reply; “It’s not Facebook official”… Facebook official?! I’m sure the relationship is the same both on and off Facebook? What next? “I’m so sorry, I changed my relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ and it only got 6 likes. This isn’t going to work out I’m afraid – 10 likes is the absolute minimum..” Facebook official.. Facebook is officially {Insert word here}..

Facebook isn’t where it’s at anymore. It’s all about an irregularly posted (been about 30 days since the Lizard Lick Towing blog..) WordPress blog where you sit at home and pick holes in stuff..

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