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Fun in the rain – Part 1..

Summer. Fun in the sun. British summer. Fun in the rain. Especially this last week (except Thursday I suppose). To be honest, I probably wasn’t going to bother writing many more of these. I wrote at the end of the … Continue reading

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Facebook is officially {Insert word here}..

This post will probably be the most hypocritical thing you’ll read or see for a week. Chances are you found this by clicking a link that was cluttering up your Facebook newsfeed in presumably an attempt to get it to … Continue reading

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Your iPhone hates you..

Basically, I’m going to ignore the fact that I haven’t inflicted my unwanted opinions on the world for 44 days and go straight in. One thing that remains the constant, k, though, is my lack of a decent title. Sorry. … Continue reading

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14 hours, 26 minutes…

Been having an internal fight with myself today as I haven’t been able to sit down and crawl let alone power through Physics coursework. Draft is due tomorrow at 13:50 (Hence the title, accurate when I started typing – look … Continue reading

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Here we go (again)..

So here we are again.. I’m starting a blog on WordPress for the second time. The first blog wasn’t all that successful if I’m completely honest, I think I was 2 entries in before forgetting and getting bored. How do … Continue reading

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