Too young to drink coffee..

It’s been a while. As in 4 months. 4 months since I wrote about how I don’t like French bread. Still don’t.

I get too het up over coffee. I failed General Studies at A-Level by treating the examiner to a page long explanation outlining very clearly the differences between Lattes and Cappuccinos. I didn’t really go into that exam with the right mindset though if I’m being honest. Having a go at he exam board responsible for writing and marking the paper you’re sitting isn’t the best way to go about getting a good mark. I was annoyed because OCR had put both the final Physics and Maths exams the next day so instead of being able to spend time at home revising for them, I had to sit down for two hours and smash out a General Studies exam.

I remember one of the questions was centred around a cartoon about newspapers. In the cartoon, there was a newspaper editor saying something like “let’s not print interesting, relevant and worthwhile stories. Let’s print whatever we can to sell the highest number of copies we possibly can”. We then had to comment on what we thought this picture meant. I can just remember sitting there thinking “hang on a minute OCR, let’s not have a go at newspapers for making money for just printing out paper – over the course of sixth form I’ve spent over £200 on resits and as far as I can make out, that’s all you do for that money!”. Thinking that, fine. Writing it in the OCR exam though… less so.

Some people came out of that exam quite happy with themselves having sneaked in a quote from a film or song. As with all my exams, I like to go the extra mile. To be fair to myself, the whole Latte/Cappuccino bit was at least related to the question. It was about the NHS after all. I think I went from NHS being funded by taxes to tax evaders to Starbucks to.. you get the picture. The paper was titled ‘Making Connections’ though I guess.. Hard to see why I only got 14/100 on that one to be honest.

The only other thing that I’ve been thinking about (hopefully not the only thing.. I am trying to a do a Maths degree right now) these past few months has been the way I still only look about 14. If you worked in a supermarket and asked me for ID when trying to buy a 15 film, you wouldn’t be the first. Or at a cinema in fact. I went to see ‘The World’s End’ the other day (shows how long ago I started writing this – I was in French country at the time) and after selling me an adults ticket at full price, the guy then checked to see if I was more than 3 years younger than I actually am. The best bit about all this for me was that after I handed him my full driving license, he sat for a minute or so trying to work out the date on it.. I’m 14 and I’ve passed my test. Good work mate.

I’ve always looked younger. I used to do shows at the Nuffield theatre (childrens’ chorus in ‘The Wind in the Willows’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ – I hit the big time quite young..) until inventing reality TV shows for my Media GCSE had to come first. The way the shows worked was that there were 3 teams of 10 kids; numbered 1-10 in height order. The adult actors would rehearse with a different team at any one team and the team members in the other 2 teams would all have to watch what their opposite number did, take notes and act the same when it was their turn. The ages accepted were 8-14. I was a late bloomer, I joined when I was 14. In The Wind in the Willows, I was the oldest. Older than all of the other 29 kids that did the show. And the number 7 in my team. Basically then, that meant that there were 10 kids taller than I was; all of the 8s, 9s and 10s and then to cap it all, one of the other number 7s..

When Alice in Wonderland rolled around in Easter, I was promoted to a 9. Out of 12. Still a slight promotion though right? There were only 2 teams this time and I was taller than the other number 9, Joel (he was year 6 back then) so there were only 6 taller than me this time. Further still, I was only the second oldest out of everyone. Things were looking up. Still had the usual shocks from the other guys doing the show when it came to the awkward moment of telling them my age. The worst time was when I talking to one of the girls backstage (I think she was still at primary school – it was a while ago though) and she said ‘It’s funny because you’re the same height as Joel but he’s year 6 and you’re year 7!’ I was year 10 at the time.

I guess though, the absence of blogs shows I’m probably getting less annoyed at stuff. I haven’t complained about iPhones in a while or the way companies plague you to death with adverts. I haven’t even had a go at Facebook for some time. Maybe I’m getting better. Although, nothing irritates me more than when someone says to me “you’re too young to drink coffee”..


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Fun in the rain – Part 1..

Summer. Fun in the sun. British summer. Fun in the rain. Especially this last week (except Thursday I suppose). To be honest, I probably wasn’t going to bother writing many more of these. I wrote at the end of the last one that Facebook isn’t ‘where it’s at anymore’. I said that it’s all about a WordPress blog where you sit and pick holes in stuff. Now I’m not too sure. Probably doesn’t put me in a great light.. Probably won’t make it stop though.

I did however think that a summer post would be a good thing to write. Have had a few ideas for a while and not really done anything about them. It is summer now though and it wasn’t back then I guess.. That helps. Also, I’m trying to get this done before I leave for the annual trip to French country on Saturday at 6:00am. We go every year – it’s annual – and I still don’t speak any French. At the start, I didn’t even like French bread.

So then, some holiday things. Passports are a good start. That £70-£80 burden that you need to renew every 10 years. 5 for a child of course, and that day can’t come soon enough. Basically, the passport photo machine screwed mine up. Those machines that deliberately annoy, wind up and ultimately con the customer into spending more money than is necessary for more pictures than are necessary with an experience which is about as enjoyable as a holiday in the Sahara would be for Pingu. Don’t know how he’d get there of course, maybe the Madagascar penguins could help..

First of all, when I had mine done about 3 years ago, I was too short. 2 pillows had to be taken from the bedding department of Sainsbury’s so that when I sat on the seat at the very highest level, I wasn’t staring at the white walls of the booth. Next step, put the money in. There’s no insurance here – no way of taking the pictures, looking at all of them, making a choice and putting in £1 to print 1 photo – you put your £4 into the machine’s greedy slot, take one picture – decline. Take another picture – decline. Get stuck with the 3rd picture, £4 down and walking away with 3 extra pictures which will sit in a drawer until you need some more ID by which time you’ve changed and realise that the pictures are out dated and you need new ones. Why decline the first 2 pictures? The machine messes them up. Actually, the machine forces you to unwittingly mess them up yourself, get stuck with pictures you don’t need and have to do it all again.

Firstly, the stupid voice. That emotionless but somehow smug voice that knows it’s about to take you for a ride. The machine warms you up a little. It shows you pictures of how people have messed theirs up in the past. I was laughing by this point. I seemed to find pictures of people doing it wrong funny. I mean, how could you actually turn up to a booth, look in the complete wrong direction, take the picture, think ‘I’m happy with this’ and send it in? Next is the way that when you’ve gone through all of the patronising instructions that are about as interesting to watch as a metronome, in the smug voice, it says ‘Ready?… Ok… Here we go!’ but doesn’t take the picture. There’s a gap of about 5 seconds. Enough time to laugh or grimace. Picture 1 ruined. I reckon there’s a smile detector active for the first picture.

3 paragraphs about passport machines and I’m only on the first picture.. As I said, I’ll probably never stop sitting here, picking holes in stuff.

Onto picture 2. Admittedly, not the machine’s fault and I guess it’s the reason that you get 3 pictures. The machine set up the picture as normal, but this time I was ready. My face was straighter than a ruler – despite the machine’s best efforts. I waited, and waited. The smile detector must have realised that I was too good and admitted defeat. It took the photo… Just as Dad decided to poke his head into the booth to see if I was finished. I turned to see what was happening. Basically then, picture 2 comprised of 2 people. One looking at the screen, and the passport applicant looking towards the door of the booth. Only one shot left.

There’s no dramatic end to this long, sorry state of a story. Fairly soon, I’ll leave you to scrolling down your Facebook/Twitter news feed. Picture 3 was just about acceptable and I can’t wait to get rid of it next year. Tomorrow though, I’ll have to show this dreadful passport picture to customs officers both English and French (if they bother to turn up of course, probably on strike). And get called Benjamin. Great.

This is it for the first part, I was going to do it all in one but as you can see, I’m nearly 900 words in and haven’t even got as far as Portsmouth, let alone France. Will write part 2 in a fortnight. If I remember.. But as for tomorrow, off to France. And I still don’t like their bread..

Don’t really like Croissants either. Breakfast times can be a little grim in France. I think we do bakeries better. I would say that though. I work in one.. Thinking about it, I may wait until I’m in France to publicise this a bit. You’re probably reading this later than was intended..

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Facebook is officially {Insert word here}..

This post will probably be the most hypocritical thing you’ll read or see for a week. Chances are you found this by clicking a link that was cluttering up your Facebook newsfeed in presumably an attempt to get it to get lost. That doesn’t work. You end up looking into it more. If you didn’t get onto it through Facebook (I clutter up people’s Twitter feeds too) then ignore that bit. I’m not a hypocrite.

This is basically me having a go at Facebook. It’s something we all use but does anyone actually like it? I don’t. Exams are done now but how much time did we all spend scrolling aimlessly through Facebook clicking on an assortment of pages and photos you normally wouldn’t want to look at in an attempt to stop you watching useless reality TV shows (I’m linking my Lizard Lick blog to this but I don’t mean it’s useless.. Had a few mentions from Ron on Twitter after he read it the other day. Life=Made) let alone meaningful revision that may have some bearing on your future? Think of all that useless trivia you’ve absorbed from people you may have looked at once in school about 5 years ago in assembly. Stuff like them babbling on about how they’ve had a new haircut or been overcharged on a bus (or shamelessly plugging a wordpress blog with less views than the ‘Twilight’ movies in a gentlemen’s club). Your head has now spent precious revision time and wasted brain space on haircuts instead of implicit differentiation or volumes of revolution.

Another thing about Facebook is the pressure. You’ve got to have it. Imagine going into a classroom in a secondary school and finding a pupil without it. Your brain can’t hold onto the idea like a chef can’t hold a boiling hot pan of water (without a handle I guess – didn’t think that one through). Facebook has over 1.1 billion users so being a citizen of the world with Facebook actually makes you a minority. But if you say you haven’t got it, you’re the weird one (presumably due to the country we live in. I doubt it’s as popular in the Antarctic – there aren’t many people in the Antarctic though.. Didn’t think that through either).

My biggest problem with Facebook is that it tries to do everything. It’s trying to take over everyone’s lives. Recently, it added hashtags to the mix, leading to several uniformly hilarious statuses from people I knew for about a month 3 years ago with stuff like ‘#whyhasfacebookgothashtagsitsnottwitter’. I was in fits for days after reading some of those.. At that moment I was so glad I had Facebook. As well as hashtags though, also ripped off Twitter are verified profiles, sharing (the retweet equivalent) and the fact you can follow instead of subscribe to someone now. It’s trying to take all of Twitter’s 200 million active users (500 million people are registered, 300 million of those lost interest it would seem. Here’s a scary thought, roughly 10% of Twitter follow Bieber…). It’s not just Twitter –  you can now rent movies on Facebook. You can now read newspapers on Facebook. Presumably it was initally set up so lazy people wouldn’t have had to go into pubs, shops, cafes etc to meet friends, they could just add them on Facebook. Now, lazy people don’t even have to go to blockbuster to rent a movie – they can do it on Facebook. No more cycling to the newsagent for a newspaper – they can do it on Facebook. A bit of googling has just informed me that e-commerce has landed on Facebook’s doorstep. You can buy stuff… On Facebook.

Already mentioned this a bit here (more people read this than I was expecting actually – I had people in lessons asking me about it – more people learnt about those tragic Monday morning walks.. There’s Facebook for you!) but you can’t unfriend people. I’ll briefly go back to my friend and his ex. Long story short, she was sending him loads of hate after they broke up but apparently unfriending her wasn’t socially acceptable. So he had to lie down and take it basically. You wouldn’t have that anywhere else would you? If you went to the same bar for a drink each week and got stick from the same guy for the colour of your shoes would you not just stop going and find a different bar? (That or just knock him out of course- I can understand why that may not have been appropriate in my friend’s case..)

The other thing vaguely relationship related – One of my other friends was asked whether he was or wasn’t going out with a girl last year. The reply; “It’s not Facebook official”… Facebook official?! I’m sure the relationship is the same both on and off Facebook? What next? “I’m so sorry, I changed my relationship status to ‘in a relationship’ and it only got 6 likes. This isn’t going to work out I’m afraid – 10 likes is the absolute minimum..” Facebook official.. Facebook is officially {Insert word here}..

Facebook isn’t where it’s at anymore. It’s all about an irregularly posted (been about 30 days since the Lizard Lick Towing blog..) WordPress blog where you sit at home and pick holes in stuff..

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Your iPhone hates you..

Basically, I’m going to ignore the fact that I haven’t inflicted my unwanted opinions on the world for 44 days and go straight in. One thing that remains the constant, k, though, is my lack of a decent title. Sorry.

Alright, those 44 days summarised; Spanish orals. Oh and more importantly, the death of a friend. Ok, no one has actually died. Basically, this is my unnecessarily confusing and misleading way of saying ‘I’ve got a new phone’. The old one you may be aware, I wasn’t happy with (HTC Wildfire… enough said really). I remember in AS being in general studies sat next to someone texting (at least, I thought he was.. I was texting as well. Point is; we both were using a Wildfire to text with). He finished his text and did what I think all reluctant members of the HTC Wildfire owners club do. He put it back in his pocket, reached for the other one and pulled out an iPod touch to use internet, email, apps – everything the Wildfire claims to do.. but doesn’t. Then I did the same. Like I say, we all do.

Why then ‘the death of a friend’? It was a friend. It was that really annoying friend that lets you down. It did let me down. Daily. But I guess that also meant that it never let me down. I never expected to be able to check my voicemail. My personal greeting by the end went something like “Hi guys, just don’t bother”. I never expected to be able to send a text that someone would be able to read and understand. It never let me down by the end – I always knew what I was going to get and for that, I respected it. The motto that showed every time I turned it on was ‘HTC – Quietly brilliant’. Spot on. It was quietly brilliant. So quiet in fact, that I went 2 years without ever knowing what exactly was brilliant about it. It never let me down. A real friend. And now a dead one, sat in my drawer being silently brilliant.

Whilst looking around for a new phone, I did what most people do – look for an iPhone. Then I remembered, your iPhone (or any Apple device for that matter) hates you. Maybe that’s a bit strong. Apple devices tolerate you. They work very well when you do what they’re good at, everything is good when you’re sticking by Apple and doing its bidding, but the moment you want to do something yourself, something you want to do.. Good luck. Your iPhone hates you. Its loyalty is to Apple and not the consumer. Want proof? Try looking at flash websites.. Try plugging it into iTunes (which barely seems useable hoy en día) and copying the videos you just got on your iPod from your friend’s house into your library. Fine going the other way, as you’ve proved at your friends house but they weren’t bought from the iTunes store, so iTunes just doesn’t want to know.

This basically leaves you iStuck. You now need to buy 3rd party software to be able to transfer anything to and from your iPod. Also, have you seen how your iPhone asks you if it’s ok to send information about your behaviour (which Apps you use, music you listen to, internet sites you visit) to Apple? It’s spying on you, and delivering this info to Apple. It hates you. It should really be called the iHate so instead of it being iTunes U, it would be iHate U.

In the end, I decided on the Xperia Z (the one that in the adverts is dropped in water and chocolate) and am very glad with that decision. The Xperia cares about you. Don’t believe me? Don’t want to believe that whatever you’ve no doubt called your iHate hates you? Get an Xperia. Somehow. Use a friend’s.. steal one even. Literally anything, you won’t regret it. Load up YouTube with headphones in and turn the sound up to full blast. A message pops up saying that this is very loud and you could damage your hearing. It cares about you. I tried talking to the phone to send a text (varying levels of success admittedly) the other day, it thought I swore in the text (I didn’t…). It did this: ‘f*****g’. It doesn’t want you to use bad language and be thought badly of by the recipient. It cares about you. Finally, as mentioned earlier, it’s waterproof. Basically it’s got these clever bits of plastic to cover all the essential ports (headphone jack, charger port, micro sd.. you get the picture – all 13 megapixels of it) so that when dropped in a bath (only done that once to be fair but the phone had it coming) it lives. When you leave one of these open, it doesn’t like it. It obviously accepts that when charging, you can’t have the port covered (I guess most people don’t charge their phones in the bath) but when you unplug the charger, no excuse. A warning flashes up on the screen warning you that it’s not waterproof without its covers. It doesn’t want you to drown it and have to buy another. It cares about you. Sell your iHate, it would sell you in an iHeartBeat. Your iPhone hates you.

This whole thing is what I call a #TeccyMoment..

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Advertising Culture

I always said that I didn’t want to make this a weekly blog. That’s lucky seeing as it’s been around 2 weeks now. Basically what happened is that Easter got in the way. What I mean by this is that a trip to Cambridge, 1kg of Thornton’s chocolate and an episode with a national trust volunteer old lady got in the way. As usual, ideas haven’t been flowing freely either so I could bang on about how I was unjustly told off for touching a table in the national trust – about how when walking around the house at Hinton Ampner with the family on Easter Monday, we were told to look out for rabbits in the house as part of the Easter activities. I came across what I thought looked a bit like a rabbit pretending to be a duck. You might almost suspect this rabbit was only pretending to be a duck to try and throw you off the scent. No sweat though, I was able to remove the beak and reveal the crafty rabbit’s identity.


Trouble was though, in doing this I ended up touching the table and the nearest national trust volunteer old lady (NTVOL from now on..) scurried over to apprehend the threat of my hand (reminded me somewhat of the Ashurst lady at college – you know the one upstairs that shouts at the top of her voice about how silent it is up there? Yep, that one. Filling in the survey that they sent round about Ashurst was good fun.. Should be any day now that I find out if I’ve won the chocolates or not). As we walked round the rest of the building, each and every other rabbit I saw was staring at me, mockingly loving the fact that I was now under surveillance and therefore unable to expose anymore of them.

But I won’t bang on about that. Instead, I was going to bang on about adverts and promotions that companies come up with to presumably, sell you stuff. As a bit of background, people have told me I should go into something like marketing or advertising. After all, I got an A for Media GCSE (contrary to popular belief, you do have to do more than just turn up and write your name and candidate number at the top of the exam paper. There was a little bit of colouring in there as well I think) and I used to be forever quoting adverts. Personal favourites; the Meerkats (to be fair though, who wasn’t quoting those Lads) and the Monkey from PG tips. The thing is though, I hate adverts. I’ve got ‘AdBlock’ installed on Chrome, and a personal pet hate of mine is the feeling you get when an advert’s worked. I hate it when you realise an advert’s got you and you sign up to the website, you buy the product or more commonly in my case, you visit their fast food restaurant. Someone’s clever promotional campaign has prompted you to part with cash. Cash that will no doubt go to theirs and the company’s back pocket and therefore the government and the economy (which needs Balls by the way..). Actually, before any clever dick points out, I’m fully aware that the money was in the economy already. I’ll level with you, I just wanted to shamelessly plug/advertise a previous blog post. There. I’m a Hypocrite.

This all struck me the other day when we were walking into town to get food (not being 18, I don’t have much other use for town) and we had the usual debate – KFC or McDonalds. We were all up for KFC and if I’m brutally honest, I think I prefer it. The ‘Supercharger’ burger with the hot sauce makes for a pretty sweet (well savoury I guess) meal/snack (have actually ended up buying 2 before). If you’re as clued up as we were about McDonalds’ cuisine, you’d have known as well that they were running their Monopoly promotion. As we were approaching KFC, I remembered this. I can remember thinking to myself, “if it’s a choice between KFC or McDonalds with the Monopoly promotion, what would you most like to get in an instant win?” So in the end, as a result of McDonalds’ clever marketing, promotional campaign, we found ourselves sitting in McDonalds feeling disappointed and somewhat conned that all we seemed to have won were multiple copies of Fenchurch station. One quarter of the way to an Xbox Kinect. I think you’ll agree that the only winner there, was Don Thompson

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The time is now again..

Been a while (roughly 12 days)… Views aren’t something that my blog has had to deal with lately. My bad. Was actually wondering how long it was going to be until I would create a new account starting with a post titled ‘Here we go (again, again)..’ to mirror this. Also, the fact that I’m writing this and that the rest of Physics coursework is due tomorrow I’m saddened to say is no coincidence (hence the whole ‘The time is now again’ title.. see this if you’re not too sure what I’m on about).

One thing that’s been unusually on my mind this week has been Bieber (Right spelling? Got told off on Twitter once for spelling it wrong -.- Had some French ‘Belieber’ having a go at me). Yesterday, I read a brilliant article in the Independent attempting to solve all of the problems he has created for the world. Personally, I like many just think he’s scary. He has more Twitter followers than anyone else on the planet which in itself enables him to have an extraordinary amount of power. I’m too cynical of the human race to believe that anyone should have the power to influence so many people like that, least of all him. Recent Twitter escapades include driving ‘Beliebers’ to microwave Guinea Pigs and cut themselves and retweeting a seemingly positive tweet to him, leading to one of the biggest acts of cyber bullying that most people have ever seen.

There only seem to be 2 types of people with regard to Bieber – those who like him and those who don’t. At this point I was going to say that it would become clear which category I fell into but I think it’s probably fairly obvious to most of you already..

Whenever people make a bad comment, or say something about him the ‘Beliebers’ usual reaction is to point out how jealous that person apparently is of a man who can’t leave his own home, can’t go into a shopping centre without closing it and ultimately, can’t do what I did last night which was drive down to Sainsburys in my shared 54 plate Renault Clio, buy a Sandwich for £1.05 and sit in the car park eating it without the equivalent of half the armed forces surrounding him at all times making sure he doesn’t get into fights with the paperazzi. I’m not jealous of that, and if he’s a normal human as him and people have claimed, he probably doesn’t enjoy it 24/7 anyway.. I wouldn’t turn my nose up at a car like his though (don’t know what it is, probably younger than a 54 plate though).

It struck me today as well that Waitrose haven’t replied to my letter.. To be honest, having written it I can’t say I blame them. It probably moved faster than Bieber out of his hotel in this video on its way to the bin in the Waitrose customer service office after being skim-read by a member of staff. I’m sure I’ll get over this one day and will probably write another letter at some point (people have suggested Stagecoach buses (a topic that actually affects people day in, day out)  but they haven’t done anything to even mildly annoy me recently.. probably will at some point, but it doesn’t feel right at the moment).

Think I’ll give Physics another go. When you’re writing long pieces of coursework like this, sometimes you have to Believe..

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14 hours, 26 minutes…

Been having an internal fight with myself today as I haven’t been able to sit down and crawl let alone power through Physics coursework. Draft is due tomorrow at 13:50 (Hence the title, accurate when I started typing – look at the time this is posted and see how long it takes me to write this, if today is anything to go by, hours..)

On paper, I should have got loads done. Sat up in Ashurst all day with a computer, I’ve come home (always good) and sat at my laptop for what has appeared to be near a whole evening and still only managed roughly 600 words more. Report should be 1500-2000 so not quite as bad as it sounds. In theory then, I only need another 1000 roughly which works out at about 68 words per hour (wph – A bit Physicsy?) Trouble is, like many people, I keep getting distracted. Literally just happened actually.. I went to swipe with 3 fingers on the trackpad to view the calculator bit when only a 2 finger swipe registered (This is the equivalent of pressing the ‘back’ button for all you non trackpad friendlies). WP thankfully saves a draft every few seconds so that was no problem but even so, this little episode triggered a quick YouTube sesh. KSI has a lot to answer for..

If you haven’t seen KSI, allow me to distract you for a moment (possibly a lot of moments in the future also) by adding this link..

Lost trail of thought now… It’ll come back in a moment. Already up to 240 words (more and more as I type..), why isn’t a Physics coursework draft this simple?? Am genuinely struggling to remember now. Desperately looking around the page for some clue as to what I was about to furiously type down.. Ah well. The world can probably live without it.

So tricky to work in Ashurst though (mainly due to considering the irony as the librarians walk up and down the aisles shouting about how much of a silent study floor it is), and at home to some extent. There’s always a cup of tea that could be made, an email/text that could be sent (hardly ever received though..) and here I am with probably only 14 hours 10 minutes left having to take some time out to remind myself I can write more than 10 wph without a look at something to take my mind off that also. I think this is why I could never do journalism. It would be a constant battle with myself, writing hundreds and hundreds of irrelevant articles to remind myself of why I took it up in the first place. That’s not why you do a job. Apply that theory to a surgeon say.. Would you be at all successful if you had to do countless pointless minor operations on people that wouldn’t need them just to remind yourself that you can do operations? Or indeed a banker that has to take on huge bonuses just to remind himself what money looks like.. Oh wait.

God I hate procrastination.

Excluding this bit, 506 words in 23 minutes.. 1320 wph

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Here we go (again)..

So here we are again.. I’m starting a blog on WordPress for the second time. The first blog wasn’t all that successful if I’m completely honest, I think I was 2 entries in before forgetting and getting bored. How do I know this time will be different? I don’t. I could be sat here with another portion of humble pie just a few months down the line writing yet another blog entry titled with the same 3 words as it  two predecessors, ‘Here we go’.

What’s changed? Not much, I’m still the same person. Living in Winchester is my life as is other things, namely going to college everyday, going out very occasionally and generally making observations about the way the world works. By this, I don’t mean I’m an astrophysicist or any other scientist for that matter (although I do spend 275 minutes a week being taught Physics – does that count?), I mean I quite like looking at how things are going and taking a view on it. Often disagreed by many, sometimes hated by many but I’m trying. I’d hope to exert some of these on this new blog, (Do I need to confirm they’re my own? Can’t see who else’s they’d be) Ahh.. forgotten what witty comment I was going to type here. That’s why you shouldn’t use brackets I guess.. Probably a reason I’m not taking any sort of essay subject at college. Can you imagine trying to write a 10,000 word essay but having to fight against yourself to remember what you were even going to finish a sentence with? Actually, as I do Maths and Physics maybe writing 10^4 would have been better than 10,000? If that thought comes back to me, I may edit this and let you know what it was (Is that even possible by the way?) There we are again.. New paragraph?

Also trying very hard to get to grips with the new Mac I’ve bought. If there are any petty spelling or grammar mistakes then it’s because of that. Had a PC all my life, now I’ve decided to switch. Still need to use it for website making though (how’s for a plug?) as Serif haven’t made a Mac version… Also, have been trying to get to grips with moving files from Toshiba to here.. Left my computer running all night trying to put them on the house server and it’s turned out to be as efficient as an iPhone on a flash website. Very happy with it though, neat piece of kit.

May leave it at that. What do you reckon this should be tagged as? Got to work out how to change font, colours, sizes etc… Keep checking this for possible future entries, had a few ideas in college today for possible blog posts so watch this space I guess.. or don’t. Your choice. Now to get back to transferring files; Here we go again…

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